My wheels for 16000 miles

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My wheels for 16000 miles

For the petrol heads out there click here for pictures of what served as my home for much of the summer in Alaska & North West Canada and carried me approximately 16000 miles with a damage report that consisted of only two broken windshields, two broken antennas, a couple of snapped struts on the swing-out rear tire carrier and a few minor bumps underneath suffered in the “Maze” at Canyonlands, Utah. The vehicle is currently resting while being fitted with a new front bumper, winch, suspension mods, front and rear lockers and anything else that comes to mind before the next trip! Click Slee Offroad for more information on all the upgrades that have been made.

Grand Prairie to Summit Lake…

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Grand Prairie to Summit Lake...

Having arrived late at Grand Prairie I set off mid-morning the next day for Dawson Creek, mile 0 of the Alaska Highway, crossing into British Columbia along the way.

Side note: it seems that everyone rides around on ATVs and Quad bikes in these parts.

After driving through what seemed like days of forest I stopped at Fort Nelson for fuel and a well prepared piece of Halibut (surprising in a place like Ft Nelson!) Rather than stopping here for the night, I pushed on and the scenery soon reverted to the familiar Rocky Mountains as I passed into Stone Mountain Provincial Park. Its strange how you have to actually visit these places in order to discover their existence. Although it is covered reasonably well in Milepost I suppose my mind had been consumed with other preparatory matters until now. As I passed through Summt Lake I noticed a provincial campground nestled at the top of a pass between snow covered peaks and decided to stop for the night. That decision turned into a test of the Technitops wind resistance capabilities! Although you can’t tell from the picture which was taken late in the evening, the wind was already picking up which is why the fly sheet isn’t fully extended. During the night I learned a lot about the tents design for dealing with wind. Basically it moves around like a suspension bridge which while seemingly effective isn’t exactly quiet!

My Location


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I added the “Latest Pictures” feed to the sidebar today. If you are reading this post and note that none of the images relate in any way to my current activities it is because they don’t! I uploaded them from my collection for test purposes. Over time, they should become relevant to recent posts. Of course, if they do seem relevant it is because you are reading this post at a date and time long after it was written.

My Land Cruiser had to go back to Slee today to resolve a couple of issues with the heat exchanger. Hopefully I can still leave for Alaska on Thursday or Friday.

Field Test

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Today I tested the equipment Slee Off-Road added to my Land Cruiser over the last couple of months. I am camping in the Roosevelt National Forest in between the Comanche Peaks Wilderness areas just north of Rocky Mountain National Park.

My Location

My satellite phone, ham radio and CB radio all seem to be working but the power sockets in the rear that power my refrigerator are not! Fortunately for my food items, it is early May and it is still quite cool at this altitude. In fact after sunset it is down right chilly but my sleeping bag seems to be working effectively!