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And so the final leg of my journey to the Arctic Ocean began today. Due to the scheduling of my ferry to Kodiak next weekend, this week turned out to be my best opportunity to drive the Dalton Highway although a week to do it from Homer is perhaps a stretch. A long drive through to Fairbanks (579 miles) stopping at Anchorage for provisions left me thankful of a comfortable hotel bed on the night of the summer solstice. I should say that I did find time to time to stop at the Pump House restaurant for reindeer steak before retiring. I have learned since being in Alaska that a reindeer is a domesticated caribou which means that reindeer meat is in fact farmed/ranched. Eating meat from wild animals is generally only possible if you hunt under sustenance or sport permits. There is an interesting dynamic between the different groups who protect lands in Alaska. Native groups , Dept of Fish & Game, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service and others all have various conservation, hunting and sustainability agendas and can wildly disagree over the methods employed to meet supposedly similar goals.