My Location

After waiting at the Toyota garage for a couple of hours while they gave the Land Cruiser its first service I picked up some provisions, fixed a loose antenna fixing with a washer (probably loose because it clipped the height restriction at the bank) I set off for Banff National Park. A quick stop at Banff with its many visitors and I took the less busy 1A to Lake Louise where I planned on camping at one of the grounds due to open for the season today. About 20km out of Lake Louise I came upon a stranded cyclist who was having cramp problems. After supplying him water and food the bike was strapped to the roof and I dropped him off in Lake Louise village passing his fellow riders on the way.
Unfortunately, as with the US Rocky Mountain parks most of the campgrounds are not yet open and although the one at Lake Louise was supposed to be open it was only open for hard sided campers. They say it is to protect the bears! After a brief stop at the still frozen over Lake Louise, I headed for the more remote and higher Mosquito Creek campground about 23km north of Lake Louise. This was open to all and was more akin to the National Forest campgrounds in Colorado. i.e toilets only and “no trace” camping.