My Location

An early departure after a windy, sleety, noisy night at Summit Lake and I stopped for eggs at Toad River Lodge, Toad River where I deposited a hat – number 7433 with the collection they started many years ago.

Crossing into Yukon I arrived at Watsons Lake where I visited the information centre, watched the film about the construction of the Alaska highway and read a few of the many thousand signs displayed outside the visitor center. Do I spot a trend here?

West to Jakes Corner and I made the turn south for a side trip of 100km each way to Atlin. The road was paved part way but a good portion of it was gravel/dirt.

Today was quite prolific in terms of wild life sightings – 3 black bears, a bull moose, mule deer as usual, buffalo, porcupine all beside the road. Photo wise not a great day because all of the animals ran as soon as they saw the car.