Q. What is your destination?

A. The smart answer would be there is no specific destination unless you count my starting point, namely Denver! I will likely leave the Land Cruiser at various points along the way and return home to catch up with admin (as with next week) or just to take a break once in a while! To answer the question in terms of Alaska, Prudhoe Bay, north of the arctic circle, is the northern most point that I intend to visit via the Dalton Highway. My aim is to be at the Arctic Ocean for midsummers day. Of course, that is also one of the start/end points for the unofficial Pan-American Highway. The Dempster Highway in Canada is also of interest with Inuvik at its northern tip. Though not as far north as Prudhoe, it is supposed to be spectacular to drive during the summer.  I may also fly to one or two of the towns not accessible by road in Western Alaska. That all said, I will generally let things unfold as they happen.

Q. Why do comments need approval?

A. As with everything else on the web any possibility of communication with potential customers is used by spam-bots that trawl the net looking for sites to place adverts. For example, I already have comments that if approved would advertise insurance services and online gambling!

Q. Is it cold?

A. At nights I am guessing temperatures thus far fell to between 15F and 30F depending on altitude. I’ve been told the last week or so has been colder than usual for this time of year.

Q. Do you camp every night?

A. No and if you read all my posts you will already know this to be the answer! I generally camp where camping provides the best opportunity to experience somewhere. In addition to my roof tent I have my backpacking tent that I will use in Katmai at the McNeil River bear sanctuary. When not camping I’ve stayed in log cabins, inns and motels. Originally I had planned to buy a class C RV designed for off-road and self sufficient travel that is built on a Ford F550 commercial truck chassis. You can see one here. There is no doubt that it would fit right in with Alaska and would probably be ideal for a winter trip here as well. However, it had a number of drawbacks for my immediate requirements. It uses ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) which is not yet available in places like Mexico (apart from close to the US border), it is still too large for some of the places I would like to visit and finally, without going into too much detail here, it would put the money on deposit for any ‘carnet de passage’ should I ever require one (in lay terms a car passport that avoids the need to pay customs duties at borders) at more than I would want to consider.

Q. How far have you traveled so far?

A. Good question. I need to do some sums and perhaps update some posts with distances but so far about 5000 miles.

Q. Is that your car in the picture at the top of the page? Other than the tent what are the other items?

A. Yes, it is. That picture was taken near Jackson, Wyoming. The other items are a fuel can and a power tank containing compressed CO2 for the tires. There is also a compressor under the hood if required.