Although today was my last day in Denali National Park it also turned out to be the best. Awaking to cloudless skies it started out cold but warmed up quickly and Denali was clearly visible. After packing up my camp, I drove along the road to the ridge just before the checkpoint overlooking the area where I had seen the Grizzly sow and her two cubs two days ago. I chatted to a local worker, Foster, who had missed a bus out of the park and he commented that generally it was just a question of waiting and we would see the bears if they were still in the area. Sure enough within about 10 minutes someone who had pulled over further down came running up to us to say there were bears making their way along the river. Although they were still too far to capture a half way decent photograph (even with a long telephoto and a tripod) they were clear through my binoculars and I spent the next six hours watching them slowly make their way along the river digging up and chewing the roots that they eat at this time of the season. Times like this make you appreciate the value of patience. Over the course of the six hours the bears didn’t to do much more than dig and chew or lie down in the sun. Buses would come past, stop for a few minutes so passengers could watch and move on as would most other motorists, hikers and the like. What many missed I was able to see due to my fortuitous lack of schedule, brief moments of the two cubs standing and wrestling each other, rolling around, playing in a completely uninhibited manner and generally behaving as only you might otherwise see on a television documentary. You see this and you understand why some people watch animals for days at a time. For those lucky enough to view this spectacle from a bus, congratulations – I’ll take you with me to the casino – my guess is you can count that number as a fraction of those who visit the park. Denali is a great place to “check off” a bear sighting but if you have the time you have the chance to see so much more if you are patient. So, if you come here on the bus looking for wildlife and you spot bears its worth considering canceling the rest of your day, getting off the bus and just watching for as long as you can. Take advantage of the fact that the bus is a shuttle bus and you can get off and on as you please as long as there is a seat.